Be our guest!

Milford Movies 9  is a digital state of the art movie theatre with 9 screens including laser projectors on every screen.

Find us at 989 N Dupont Blvd    Milford,DE 19963
Phone 302-279-4376
Email info@milfordmovies9.com

Ticket Prices

Adult (Movies starting 6pm and after) - $12.90
Matinee (Movies starting prior to 6pm) - $10.00
Child (ages 2-11) - $9.50
Senior (60+) - $9.50
Bargain Tuesdays (all day) - $7.00 (Some movies may be exempt from Bargain Tuesdays)


Popcorn and movies go hand-in-hand. Milford Movies 9 has improved the movie experience by reducing lines at the Box Office and in concessions. Visiting our concession store in the lobby will show you what we have changed to make things better for you.
The changes start with reasonable prices for all of our concession items. There is no $5 dollar water or $7 kids snack packs. Our Water is $2.25 and the kids snack packs are $4.50. Milford Movies 9 has also changed the way you buy your food. You walk through the concession store, grab your food and drinks then head to the check-out lane. No more long wait in line just to get a drink.